Saturday 12 JANUARY 2013
SNOWMOBILE AT WORK! Snowmobiles for utility purposes engineered and manufactured by Alpina Snowmobiles .
Alpina Sherpa is the real utility snowmobile for all your needs.

After many years of successes, the Sherpa dual-track snowmobile is still the only snowmobile which can truly be considered a work-horse. The twin-track of 500+500 mm width provide an unbeaten capacity of floating over fresh snow, together with a superior traction and stability. Driving the Sherpa is extremely handy and easy, even in narrow trails and corners, thanks to the twin-skis steering system with its unique design. Since its first launch, the Sherpa is still the only snowmobile with catalytic converter in conformity with European and the EPA automotive emissions standards.

The 2014 version of the Sherpa is equipped with a silent engine 1.6 liters 4-stroke with variable camshaft timing (VCT) provides plenty of torque (155 Nm. / 114 ft-lbs.) and power (115 Hp @ 6000 rpm.), as well as a great fuel economy and a cheap maintenance-routine.
The new "second-generation" ATSS track-suspension can be adjusted to vary the load on the rear part of the tracks, thus adapting the trim to every specific situation.
The new track design, with a 32 mm height aggressive profile lug, improves grip and traction on any type of snow.
The slight body-restyling was mostly focused on the front air intakes, head-lights and tail-lights and some minor details.

A new innovative accessory introduced by Alpina is the SRK (Safe Rescue Kit), an equipment designed for the rescue of injured persons in ski-areas. The new SRK introduces a whole new safety-standard among the rescue-equipments. The Sherpa dual-track snowmobile is everywhere recognized as the safest and most stable snowmobile in the market and, thanks to these features, the SRK is an accessory specially designed to be installed directly on it.
The special stretcher is installed transverse-way over the rear cargo-platform. It can accommodate the injured patient on either a vacuum-mattress or a backboard, and it is provided with a special absorbing system to prevent vibrations and shocks to the patient even if in case of severe spinal-trauma (it is the typical injury that in the past required the support of an helicopter to face it). The SRK has an electronic-system which keeps the stretcher in horizontal position during all the hill descent, independently by the inclination of the snowmobile, increasing the comfort and the safety of the patient. The stretcher is protected by a roll-over guard (ROPS) and a sturdy perimetrical frame integrated with the stretcher. The SRK has a dual ski-rack able to carry the patient's and the rescue-team's skis, and is complete of warning signals (optical and acoustic) to increase visibility in the slopes during the whole rescue operation. The kit can be easily and quickly installed and removed from the Sherpa, allowing to use the Sherpa for any other purpose (grooming, transporting people and goods, etc) when the rescue service is not needed. Thanks to the SRK, any rescue-teams will finally have a safe, quick and effective rescue machine specially designed for this purpose. According to the several tests made in cooperation with professional rescue-teams, the SRK's performances are above any other rescue-device (i.e.: the traditional toboggans behind-skier or behind snowmobiles).

For the people transportation the Sherpa equipped with the 3-seats kit can carry 3 more passengers on the cargo-platform (plus one passenger and the driver on the seat), for a total of 5 persons. In addition, the towing-sled Transalp BUS can accommodate 6 / 9 persons, that means up to 13 passengers plus the driver. The roll-over protections (ROPS) and the safety belts, together with the frame's design and the special ski-suspensions, make the Transalp BUS the safest and most effective among all the existing personnel transportation systems. A new accessory for the Transalp BUS towing-sled is also available: a full-transparent weather-shield including windshield and roof. This "all-weather" shield will protect the passengers from snow, wind and cold, without any limit to the field of vision, since the shields are transparent. The Transalp towing-sled can be easily converted into a sled for transporting any type of materials, with a payload capacity over 830 Kgs. / 1830 lbs.

Cross-country ski is one of the favourite applications of Alpina, and the newest F-250 trail grooming system is the state of art in this fiel. Fully operated through electric actuators, controlled by a smart can-bus keyboard from the snowmobile cockpit, it is available with one or two track-setters equipped with on-board electric grooming stage (instead of the traditional rotor powered by a gasoline engine through hydraulics).
The F-250 makes the Sherpa an indispensable machine for all the XC-ski areas who keep a particular eye on environment, functionality and economy.
snowmobiles at work