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The unsurpassed dual-track design.

Twenty years ago we decided to re-invent the dual-track design. We understood that the twin-track models existing up to the '80s- were a good idea, yet some radical changes were needed to make some real "work-horses". We took this challenge and we invented a totally new layout for the progenitor model of a large snowmobile family.

Today, with our dual-track measuring 20x156x1.25 in. (500x3968x32 mm.) we have a tracks surface almost double of any existing snowmobile. This means our machines do float over the snow like a boat gliding on a lake, and keep a stability unknown to the others.
Our ATSS tracks suspensions are articulated, so they can adapt to the terrain's profile and keep an extraordinary grip and stability on all kinds of snow.
The two front skis and the ideally placed centre of gravity allow easy and precision steering in the tightest of turns.
Take a test drive and amaze yourself; facts are better than words.
Alpina Sherpa workhorse
Priceless comfort and functionality.

On the new SHERPA, the low-noise engine and the cooling fans with "silent-mode" are immediately appreciable also by the neighbouring people and the wildlife; but there are many values that will remain unnoticed until you will spend some hours driving on the snow.
The new driver's position - for example - is comfortable for any size from S to XXXXL, with a soft heated saddle and more room for your knees.
All the controls are easy to reach on the hand-bar with heated grips, and the extra-large instrument cluster is a fancy interface between the machine and the driver, with TCMS (Torque Converter Monitoring System) like on the former SHERPA series.
The new "diamond-design" of the fiberglass panels is made to provide a perfect engine cooling and a perfect driver heating. The tall windshield and the aerodynamics create a warm-air cushion around the driver, protecting him from the snow and the wind-chill.

Steering is easy, and the legendary SHERPA stability will not require you to change position on the foot-rests in order to keep straight the machine.
With the new SHERPA, we have doubled the head-lights power, and the 4 halogen lamps deliver a 240W bright beam, turning your night into full day.
Functionality means also a wider range of additional equipments specially designed for the SHERPA and for your work. Work-lights, special towing hitches, ROPS guard and extra seats for 3 people, are just a few among many options available.
By the way, the anti-theft / immobilizer system is standard: thus the comfort is only for you.
Alpina Sherpa workhorse

The Dual-track system.
Dual-track vs. single-track
Sherpa 1.6 passenger heating