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Alpina Snowmobiles is the European snowmobile manufacturer producing advanced utility snowmachines for heavy-duty purposes and ski trails preparation.

Alpina Snowmobiles is based in Vicenza, in the Northern part of Italy near to the Alps, an area which is one of the most advanced poles in the world for engineering and mountain technology. The fame of the snowmobiles Alpina comes from the great experience made on the Alpine environment, where the conditions are the toughest you can experience. Alpina gives always a great importance to the environment respect and protection, using the state of art in technology to be friendly with it and investing new resources to raise constantly in dependability and quality . For this reason, from the flat and smooth trails of Finland to the steepest slopes of the Rocky Mountains, an Alpina snowmobile is the number one to fit your professional activity.

Respect the environment and a sustainable development.
manufacturing plant
Aerial view
Aerial view