Saturday 12 OCTOBER 2013
RESCUING EQUIPMENT: the SRK introduces new safety standards in the rescuing operations [...]
The new SRK (Safe Rescue Kit) introduces a whole new safety-standard for rescue-equipment.
The SHERPA dual-track snowmobile is recognized everywhere as the safest and most stable snowmobile on the market and, thanks to these features, the SRK has been specially designed to take advantage of this unsurpassed stablility.

The special stretcher is installed cross-ways over the rear cargo-platform. It can accommodate the injured patient on either a vacuum-mattress or a backboard, and it is provided with a special shock absorbing system to prevent vibrations and shocks to the patient even in cases of severe spinal-trauma (which is the typical injury that in the past required helicopter support).

The SRK has an electronic leveling system which keeps the stretcher in a horizontal position throughout the complete hill descent, independent of the pitch of the snowmobile, increasing the comfort and the safety of the patient. The stretcher is protected by a roll-over guard (ROPS) and a sturdy perimeter frame integrated with the stretcher.

The SRK has a dual ski-rack able to carry the patient's and the rescue-team's skis, and is supplied complete with warning signals (optical and acoustic) to increase visibility on the slopes throughout the whole rescue operation. The kit can easily and quickly be installed and removed from the Sherpa, allowing the use of the SHERPA for other purpose (grooming, transporting people and cargo, etc) when rescue operations are not needed.

Thanks to the SRK, any rescue-team will finally have a safe, quick and effective rescue machine specially designed for this purpose. According to several tests made in cooperation with professional rescue-teams, the SRK's performance exceeds any other rescue-device (i.e.: the traditional toboggans behind skier or behind snowmobiles).
safe rescue kit in action
safe rescue kit in action
safe rescue kit in action