Saturday 12 OCTOBER 2013
PEOPLE TRANSPORTATION: the Transalp BUS is now available in two different versions with 6 and 9 [...]
 The TRANSALP is a towing-sled platform system that can be configured in many different ways.
The base platform is made with a sturdy steel chassis measuring mm. 1236x2393 (48-1/3"x94-1/4") and an aluminum antiskid diamond-plate floorboard.
The skis are made with zinc-coated steel; they have HD-PE skins for better gliding, carbide-steel runners to prevent sideways sliding, and a comfortable progressive rubber suspension which acts like an "air-cushion" even on bumpy trails.
The drawbar coupling system will fit over an automotive 50 mm ball-hitch installed on the SHERPA.
Thanks to its large payload capacity (830 kgs/ 1830 lbs.) and its modular construction, the TRANSALP system is a very flexible piece of equipment for transportation, and can be configured as:

1) BUS trailer with R.O.P.S. and 3+3 (or 3+3+3 as option) comfortable foam-seats, safety belts and luggage rack;
2) SKI SCHOOL trailer expressely designed for ski schools, snow parks, ski areas, etc. with special fitting;
3) flatbed trailer without side rails, for wide cargoes exceeding the platform size, or any other customization;
4) trailer with perimeter rails (150 mm./5.90" height) to contain and fasten any cargo.

Available on request a transparent wind-protection kit, including windscreen and hard-top.
Transalp bus
snowmobile Sherpa pulling the Transalp sled
Alpina Sherpa  Sverige