Friday 26 FEBRUARY 2016
Feel the difference!
Yesterday I was on the mountain with one of our customers who owns a SHERPA to bring his guests and supplies up and down to his hut. He told me that, before to drive the SHERPA the first time, he would never imagine how it could perform compared to the snowmobiles he hold in the past, therefore the only element he had to compare was the price, and on this aspect the SHERPA seemed to be “the loser”. So he decided to test it in deep to feel the real difference between our “blue-machine” and the other well known snowmobiles.

He said after the test he was so impressed by it that he thought the gap on the price was fully justified because of the incomparable performance of the SHERPA, and he decided to buy it. Today he is extremely proud for his choice and he says it was one of the best investments he ever made because the SHERPA is really the right machine for his activity, and not just for the pulling and loading capability but also for its extreme safety and reliability, the low environmental impact, the low operating and servicing costs. That’s why he planned to buy a second SHERPA for his job. This is a recent witness but it is not a single case. Try to speak with some more Alpina users and probably you will hear about the same.

When I hear a prospect customer is set to buy a light utility machine mainly because of the low price, I think he’s not probably a customer for us because if he can successfully do the job with a light utility snowmobile, probably an Alpina would not be the right choice. But if you really need this great machine to do your job and you know nothing about it yet, don’t look only at the price as an Alpina was comparable to a light utility sled: take a trial and make a comparative test, then the price will be one of the several elements to put on the scales, not the only one.

Try an Alpina and feel the difference!
feel the difference between Alpina Sherpa and other snowmobiles