You may or may not be satisfied with your previous experience on other snowmobiles. In any case, if you are switching to a new Superclass you are going to discover a whole new world, and an easier way to work.

Like a Swiss Army Knife, the Superclass has everything to satisfy your work needs. The “nose” is equipped with brackets for the installation of a winch and a brush-guard. The frame is already equipped with wires from the engine compartment to the tail, ready for extra work-lights and groomers. As an option, the Superclass can be equipped with the Alpina ADCN system that, from a keyboard on the hand-bar, the driver can control a groomer with up to 3 actuators, and 4 more outputs to control separately work-lights, flasher beacon, siren, etc. All through 3-only wires! The large rear cargo area has removable rails, and can be easily transformed into a flatbed cargo platform to accommodate every type of load. The rearend is equipped with: standard pintle hitch, 2” receiver. As an option, it can also be fitted with a removable ball hitch and up to 2 electric power rear sockets for groomers and for other electric powered devices, as well as R.O.P.S. and a kit with 2 extra seats. There are really no limits to the number of possible tasks for the new Superclass.

Motoslitta Alpina Superclass 1.2L VVT 12V


We are very proud of our flexibility and the short time we use in designing and incorporating new technologies. We always work to improve our products, and our philosophy says that quality is not attainable unless you are always reaching for it.

The world of vehicle-manufacturers is divided in two different branches, depending by the philosophy that the designer adopts: Conformists and Innovators. Conformists bring an innovation only after others developed it, because they don't want spend more resources for innovation. On the contrary Innovators are always looking for new and better solutions, sometimes swimming against the tide, but always looking for a new idea to satisfy the customers needs. Our feeling is to belong to the second category, since we have a lot to tell about innovation. There are a lot of works that, until now, have been made with few success with traditional light-utility snowmobiles. Innovation means also to produce a new machine especially designed for these works. So when someone promises he can do the same, we just tell we do it better.


In over 20 years Alpina Snownmobiles has set many records in snowmobiles technology, being the pioneer with many innovations and smart technical solutions. And most of them are still unsurpassed:

1996 - Superclass Mk1
1st 500x3968x32 mm. dual-track system with dual front ski
1st rider-forward riding position similar to motorbikes
1st articulated track-suspension with anti-dive system (ATSS)
1st floorboards and big size load platform covered with antiskid aluminium layer (diamond plate)
1st 2+3 seats snowmobile
1st steel-frame ready for work attachments

1999 - Superclass Mk2
1st transmission with 3 FW speed (Hi range, Mid range, Low range) plus neutral and reverse, direct drive system (chain-less)
1st utility snowmobile with 2-stroke electronic fuel injection engine

2001 - Sherpa 1.4L  8-valve
1st brake-system with 266 mm. disc and dual hydraulic/mechanical caliper
1st 4-stroke engine with catalyst, complying Euro 3 and EPA Automotive standards
1st electronic clutch efficiency control (TCMS)
1st electronic control for drive functions (ADAM)
1st electronic shift device (ESS)
1st integrated radiator/exchangers cooling system
 1st saddle with electronic heating system

2004 - Transalp Bus 6-seat

1st high-safety towing sled designed for transpostation of 6 persons

2006 - Sherpa 1.4L 8-valve
1st Keyboard with CAN-BUS communication (3 wires) for groomer and implements control

2009 - Safe Rescue Kit system

1st rescue system with a stretcher installed over the snowmobile with electric self-leveling system

2010 - Sherpa 1.6L Ti-VCT 16-valve
1st 4-stroke engine with catalyst, complying Euro 5 and EPA Automotive standards
1 st snowmobile with automatic hydraulic variable timing system (VCT)
1st Anti-theft with radio-frequency transponder key system
1 st Electronic diagnostic system with smartphone
1st cooling system with 2 fans + 2 speed

2011 - F-250 track-setter / groomer system
1st track-setter with Vibra-Cut system
1st track-setter with retractile anti-slide keels

2012 - Transalp Bus 6/9 seats
1st high-safety towing sled, with modular system to accomodate 6 to 9 persons, with 3 skis (one in the centre).
1st high-safety towing sled with set-up to accomodate disabled persons with wheel-chair.

2016 - Superclass 1.2L VVT 12V

1st transmission gearbox with mechanical lubrication pump and reversed brake disc rotation
1st twin-track snowmobile with rearward exhaust pipes and muffler
1st tracks suspension with "pull-mode" mono shock absorber and self leveling system