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When we think of a Sherpa we surely imagine a strong man carrying a big load on his back, climbing the sacred heights of the Himalayas step by step, side by side with famous mountaineers to conquer the top of those mysterious and impressive mountains.

As a tribute to those legendary men we named our top-machine "Sherpa", a dual-track utility snowmobile designed and manufactured while keeping in mind the fundamental qualities that a real Sherpa must have: work hard, in the hardest conditions, at a low cost, in a reliable way.

Since the first Sherpa was delivered in 2002, having inherited the strength from our former "Superclass" series, our path has always been to climb toward the top of the mountain. Quality and performance are at the peak we climb towards, and we never rest along the ascent and daily challenge of that climb.

Discover the type Sherpa 1.4L and its incredible features and visit the whole section to get more information and technical specifications for it; you will realize how important the small details are.

Your Sherpa is ready: be prepared for today's ascent. 

snowmobile Sherpa 1.4L with dual-track system
 The type Sherpa on side-hill