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Feel the difference!

Yesterday I was on the mountain with one of our customers who owns a SHERPA to bring his guests and supplies up and down to his hut. He told me that, before to drive the SHERPA the first time, he would never imagine how it could perform compared to the snowmobiles he hold in the past, therefore the only element he had to compare was the price, and on this aspect the SHERPA seemed to be “the loser”. So he decided to test it in deep to feel the real difference between our “blue-machine” and the other well known snowmobiles.

He said after the test he was so impressed by it that he thought the gap on the price was fully justified because of the incomparable performance of the SHERPA, and he decided to buy it. Today he is extremely proud for his choice and he says it was one of the best investments he ever made because the SHERPA is really the right machine for his activity, and not just for the pulling and loading capability but also for its extreme safety and reliability, the low environmental impact, the low operating and servicing costs. That’s why he planned to buy a second SHERPA for his job. This is a recent witness but it is not a single case. Try to speak with some more Alpina users and probably you will hear about the same.

When I hear a prospect customer is set to buy a light utility machine mainly because of the low price, I think he’s not probably a customer for us because if he can successfully do the job with a light utility snowmobile, probably an Alpina would not be the right choice. But if you really need this great machine to do your job and you know nothing about it yet, don’t look only at the price as an Alpina was comparable to a light utility sled: take a trial and make a comparative test, then the price will be one of the several elements to put on the scales, not the only one.

Try an Alpina and feel the difference!

Umberto Vedovato
President and CEO

Snowmobiles Alpina, feel the difference.

In over 20 years Alpina Snownmobiles has set many records in snowmobiles technology, being the pioneer with many innovations and smart technical solutions. And most of them are still unsurpassed.

1996 - Superclass Mk1
1st 500x3968x32 mm. dual-track system with dual front ski
1st rider-forward riding position similar to motorbikes
1st articulated track-suspension with anti-dive system (ATSS)
1st floorboards and big size load platform covered with antiskid aluminium layer (diamond plate)
1st 2+3 seats snowmobile
1st steel-frame ready for work attachments

1999 - Superclass Mk2
1st transmission with 3 FW speed (Hi range, Mid range, Low range) plus neutral and reverse, direct drive system (chain-less)
1st utility snowmobile with 2-stroke electronic fuel injection engine

2001 - Sherpa 1.4L  8-valve
1st brake-system with 266 mm. disc and dual hydraulic/mechanical caliper
1st 4-stroke engine with catalyst, complying Euro 3 and EPA Automotive standards
1st electronic clutch efficiency control (TCMS)
1st electronic control for drive functions (ADAM)
1st electronic shift device (ESS)
1st integrated radiator/exchangers cooling system
 1st saddle with electronic heating system

2004 - Transalp Bus 6-seat

1st high-safety towing sled designed for transpostation of 6 persons

2006 - Sherpa 1.4L 8-valve
1st Keyboard with CAN-BUS communication (3 wires) for groomer and implements control

2009 - Safe Rescue Kit system

1st rescue system with a stretcher installed over the snowmobile with electric self-leveling system

2010 - Sherpa 1.6L Ti-VCT 16-valve
1st 4-stroke engine with catalyst, complying Euro 5 and EPA Automotive standards
1 st snowmobile with automatic hydraulic variable timing system (VCT)
1st Anti-theft with radio-frequency transponder key system
1 st Electronic diagnostic system with smartphone
1st cooling system with 2 fans + 2 speed

2011 - F-250 track-setter / groomer system
1st track-setter with Vibra-Cut system
1st track-setter with retractile anti-slide keels

2012 - Transalp Bus 6/9 seats
1st high-safety towing sled, with modular system to accomodate 6 to 9 persons, with 3 skis (one in the centre).
1st high-safety towing sled with set-up to accomodate disabled persons with wheel-chair.

2016 - Superclass 1.2L VVT 12V

1st transmission gearbox with mechanical lubrication pump and reversed brake disc rotation
1st twin-track snowmobile with rearward exhaust pipes and muffler
1st tracks suspension with "pull-mode" mono shock absorber and self leveling system

The best sled I have ever had was a dual-track with 2 X 380 mm track. The only problem was the steering, I mean it was impossible to steer in narrow places. How can you steer with a dual 500 mm long-track?
First of all, I guess your sled had only one ski and an over ten-year-old design. Our dual-tracks have two wide skis and special suspensions. But this is not yet enough to steer easily: you also need some other important things, like well placed center of gravity, good track suspensions and some other small secrets. It is really amazing how you can steer better than a single track machine. Anyway, if you cannot believe it, the only way is to take a trial run.
This direct-drive-system sounds fantastic! Climbing a steep slope should be very easy.. if the load on your rear platform does not lift your front skis, preventing you from controlling the machine...
 This is a typical problem of all the traditional track-suspensions: very soft, long travel, but no way to control the weight-transfer climbing on steep slopes. The weight pushes down your track-suspension and the sled will lift the nose. Our exclusive ATSS (Alpina Track Suspension System) is designed to prevent this problem and even when loading the weight on the rear of the machine, there is less modifying the suspension trim. In addition, this system is extremely flexible in uneven ground, giving you of better grip and stability.
Even the most reliable machine sometimes needs spare parts. I work with my snowmobile, and I cannot get stuck for several days waiting for spare-parts...
 Let's talk about spare-parts service: your local dealer will be your main supplier. Anyway, with our efficient express delivery service, we can deliver everywhere in about 24/48 hours from the receipt of your order.
Why should I buy it for my XC-ski area? After packing the snow with my old snowcat, every utility snowmobile could make XC-tracks without any problem...
 You are not completely right; the difference is that our dual-track machines can take care of both these jobs, packing snow and making tracks. This means you need only one sled instead of a snow-cat plus a single-track snowmobile. Do you agree that just one vehicle instead of two would make you save some money and time? Also, you are a XC ski-tracks expert and you well know that sometimes you need to set tracks at snail-speed: that is why you really need an Alpina dual-track sled, which is able to do this without any engine problem and clutch overheating.
They seem to be a real tractor! It should be very strong, but sometimes when you are in a hurry, it's necessary to open the throttle and take-off...
 Does a tractor reach over 60 Km/h? Alpina Sherpa and Superclass do it.
My wide-track sled overheats if I drive slower than 20 Km/h. What goes-on with your engine when you are grooming at this speed?
 No problem, as I already told you. We can groom also at 5 Km/h or less: our engines are cooled by special systems that very efficient in all conditions. Our machines are a real workhorse, not a recreational vehicle dressed like a utility snowmobile...
Can I tow my ice-fishing cabin with over 1 meter of fresh snow?
 It depends: how many hundreds of beer bottles do you store in your cabin when you go out for fishing?!
It's more expensive than a light-utility snowmobile...
 It's true, however we emphasize that the Sherpa does the work of several small snowmobiles and has a life span two, three, or even four times that of a smaller machine, that gives you a longer amortization schedule for it.
How does it work on very steep slopes?
 Excellent: do not forget that Alpina comes from the Alps: a mountain area where most of the ski-areas use snow-cats equipped with a cable-winch!!
I am member of a voluntary mountain rescue service: we need to rescue injured people, using a 200 cm. long stretcher. What does your dual-track offer for this purpose?
 Well, customers mostly install the stretcher on a towing-sled, best if wide and stable. But you can install the Safe Rescue Kit directly over the load platform of the Sherpa and you will get a safe, quick and effective rescue machine specially designed for this purpose.
I am really concerned about the weight of these dual-track sleds: what about driving in fresh deep snow?
Sherpa and Superclass have the lowest specific ground pressure when compared to any other kind of utility vehicle, snowmobiles, ATVs. or snow-groomers. It means that this is the best floating ability you can find: during all comparative tests, they were able to drive where the others got stuck.