The "shoes" of your SHERPA 1.4L are still the best ever built, for traction, flotation, and stability. A dual wide-track measuring 20"x156"x1.25" (500x3968x32 mm.) with superior traction capabilities, provides an extra wide footprint on the snow.

The two second generation ATSS articulated suspension, with 58 wheels and waterproof-bearings, has a very low specific ground pressure (0,38 psi - 27 gr/ and the new anti-dive system allows you to carry many hundreds of kilos on the cargo platform without any loss of control. But don't be fooled by its imposing size: the Sherpa is extremely handy and agile.

The special steering system and the ideally placed center of gravity allows precision steering in the tightest of turns: you will be amazed to see your SHERPA steering even better than a single track snowmobile.

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Snowmobiles ALPINA / The winning design has two tracks and two skis. What really makes the difference between the Sherpa 1.4L and the other snowmobiles.
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What really makes the difference between the Sherpa 1.4L and the other utility snowmobiles.

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